SoftSled Project: Bringing Awareness and Hopefully SoftSled To All

When someone makes a website dedicated to SoftSled should that tip Microsoft off enough to at least address it publicly? I hope so, because SoftSled Project is just that. Get the attention of the media center community and able developers. Motivate able developers to work towards the common goal of creating an open source media […]

Angels singing ‘caught on tape’

A retired Air Force officer has posted an online collection of recordings he believes captures voices and music of God’s angels in heaven. “I have four specific recordings of angels singing in church settings,” Jim Bramlett of Lake Mary, Fla., said. “It happened supernaturally. There’s no other explanation.” read more | digg story

Rent New Release DVDs for Only $1.00

Many have ditched waiting in line at the video store and paying as much as $5.00 for a DVD rental for easier methods such as online rental subscriptions. Well, now a company called Redbox has opened self-service kiosks where you can rent a DVD as quickly as you can buy a soda at a vending […]

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