How To Create a Mashup

If you haven’t already heard, Mashup was one of the buzzwords of 2007. So, what is a mashup anyway, and even further how does your average blogger create one? According to Wikipedia a mashup is a web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool. Probably one of the […]

Google Error Page for Supsicious Search Phrases

This morning I did a Google search for the term “via walmart pc”. Check out the image to the left to see the response I got from Google. I thought this Google error page was interesting. It’s definitely the first time that I have ever seen it. I use Google alot and I am sure […]

Probloggers shaking their “MoneyMakers”

problogging-elves Yours truly caught three probloggers getting in the Christmas spirit. Watch the video to see them decked out as elves while they shake their moneymakers to a Holiday jingle. I really thought about stuffing an affiliate cookie for OfficeMax, but I resisted the temptation. You will see what I mean if you make a […]

Scroll feature added to Google Ads

I logged into my blog tonight and noticed a strange looking up and down arrow below my Adsense ad in the left sidebar. You can see it highlighted in the screenshot. At first I thought somebody had hacked my blog and put some weird image there. Then I clicked on it and noticed that it […]

Is FireFox really this popular?

I was checking my analytics last night and noticed something I have never noticed before. Eight Five percent of my visitors use FireFox. Wow! I haven’t checked browser stats in awhile, but the last time I did it was completely backwords. Internet Explorer was always by far the most widely used browser. What has changed? […]

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