Done With Digg

I have submitted quite a few stories over the past few years. Some of them were my own stories and others were just interesting articles I had found on the net. Maybe some of them were not that interesting, but some were very informative. I guess it’s all about who you know or who you […]

My Opinion of Google Voice

I recently got a new cell phone and number, so today I logged into Grandcentral to add the new number. To my surprise Google is switching over Grandcentral users to Google Voice. I was assured that everything would be similar and I would get even more features in Google Voice. The transition was really smooth, […]

GTalk on Facebook

I was messing around last night with Firebug and embedded a GTalk window (IFrame) down in the chatbar. Check it out. I use Facebook and Facebook Chat alot. This would be cool to have GTalk available in Facebook. While I was typing this something else came to mind. I ran across a tip tonight on […]

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