Scroll feature added to Google Ads

gadfeature2.gifI logged into my blog tonight and noticed a strange looking up and down arrow below my Adsense ad in the left sidebar. You can see it highlighted in the screenshot. At first I thought somebody had hacked my blog and put some weird image there. Then I clicked on it and noticed that it rotated through different Adsense ads. Maybe this is part of the reason Google changed the clickable areas in Adsense ads.

I guess it’s a cool feature. I definitely think Google could make it a little more attractive. Maybe I am so used to the same old looking Google Ads, but those two arrows just don’t look like they fit. Maybe they should offer an option to give them a color or something.

Has anyone else noticed this new feature, and if so what do you think about it?

Edit: I noticed that the arrows have the same color as the title. So, as far as I know you can’t style them seperately but the arrow color will change if you change the color of your titles.

Posted on December 12, 2007
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2 Responses to “Scroll feature added to Google Ads”

  1. Sam Nova on December 12th, 2007 2:00 am

    Interesting I have to say. Also because I didn’t notice it before I read about it here. In your picture the arrows are at the bottom but on mine they are at the top. Guess it depends on the layout/size the ads have.

    But honestly, will people really be clicking the arrows!!

  2. Trai Davenport on December 12th, 2007 2:46 am

    I doubt it, but I am thinking of doing something to give users a reason to scroll through them. As of now they don’t show everytime so I I won’t bother with it. I read over at Problogger that some people are reporting the arrows allowing you to scroll in different directions, and I have noticed in some ads on this blog the text “Show More” at the bottom of the ad (not sure if that one is new or not though).

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