How To Get A FREE 800 Number

Everyone is a fan of FREE, and I guess I am no different. I have been a long time user of Google Adwords and noticed something interesting the other day. As you probably know Google is the Internet’s equivalent to Baseball. They track every statistic imaginable. Google calls it Analytics.

If you run a website you are probably really familiar with Google Analytics. Within Google Adwords Google allows you to buy not only Internet advertising, but also Newspaper, Radio, and Television advertising. You can’t track this kind of advertising with JavaScript, so one tracking method they offer is telephone calls. In order to do this Google will give you up to 20 free phone numbers. Those numbers can either be local numbers or 800 numbers.

The beauty of this is that you don’t even have to be running any of those traditional media ads to get a free phone number. You just go into that section of Adwords and request a free phone number. Maybe Google will catch onto it and maybe they are so big they don’t care, but if you need a free phone number check it out.

Edit: After rereading this I thought I should make it little more clear. The 800 number that you get from Google would forward to the phone number that you enter in. So, you could give that 800 number out and people could call you long distance for free, or you could add a little credibility to your business with an 800 number.

Posted on November 11, 2008
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