Facebook Removes Group Features

Recently I decided to create a Facebook group for my family. I have used groups before and knew that most of the same features were available (Photos, Discussions, etc.). Knowing the difference between Pages and Groups, I decided on a group because I wanted to be able to control who became members.

After creating the group I notice that none of the features I was expecting are available. What in the world is Facebook doing? Are we all being pushed to use Pages because they are “open” and, therefore, so is the content? A little privacy is a good thing Facebook. That’s the reason bathrooms have doors. 🙂

I have never had a problem with changes that Facebook has made up until now. Ok, I sorta hate how the new “Messages” archives everything (messages, chats, etc..) without giving you an option to opt in or out of that feature, but I can live with that I guess. Anyway, I don’t understand how you give everyone something with all these features and then take it away without expecting some seriously pissed off users. I noticed the older groups still have those features, so maybe that’s why this hasn’t become a big deal yet.

It’s all about options Facebook. As hard as you try, not everyone fits into the same “mold”. Give us the options back regardless of whether we use them or not.

Posted on March 14, 2011
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