Ingenious Idea

I ran across the following letter at I thought that it was simply ingenious and very humorous.

Dear Apple,

You need to innovate the Ipod.

You see, like many people, I like to listen to my Ipod on “random” because it has the potential to play literally any song in my library. Its more like a radio station and will play songs I’m not expecting to hear, some of which I really like, some of which I really hate.

The only problem is my Ipod has no idea what songs I like, and what ones I hate. So let me give your tech department a tip, straight from an anthropologist.

Engineer your Ipods so that they rank each song based on how much of the song I listened to, and put them into a rotation that is dictated by my own interests.

For example, if I listen to an entire song, rate it a 10 and put it in heavy rotation. I can’t get enough of it.

If I listen to 90% of the song, give it a 9 and put it in slightly less rotation than the 10s.

If I listen to a song for a single second, and then fast forward it, repeatedly, chances are I never want to hear it again. So make sure your ipod doesn’t give it to me unless I ask for it.

By implementing this rating system, or some variation of it, whereby your Ipods know how much I like a song based on how much of the song I listen to, the Ipod can be a self serving radio station that knows how much I like every song in rotation, and plays songs more or less frequently based on how much it KNOWS I like them.

Now, lets say a song is rated a 10, and I love it. But the ipod starts playing it frequently so that I start to get sick of it. I’ll start fast forwarding it, and your Ipod will put it in lighter rotation.

This idea is genius, and if you don’t do it, someone else will. And their mp3 player will be better than the Ipod. Every time I push that fast forward button, I’m casting a vote. Your Ipod just doesn’t know it. So make it smarter.

Maybe switching to XM soon

Do you have any ingenious ideas like this about products or services that you use?

Posted on August 8, 2007
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